The Health Coach Advantage

Dietitian vs. Nutritionist
February 21, 2017
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National Nutrition Month
March 1, 2017
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Our dietitian, Dua Aldasouqi, is currently completing a health coaching certification to better help her clients.

As a dietitian, Dua has the professional and educational background needed to provide her clients with the nutrition information they need to meet their goals.

As a health coach, Dua is able to foster a partnership with her clients to help them achieve the maximum benefit. “We learn that the true agent of change is the client, no matter what we do or teach – if the client is not on board, the client will not change”, she says. A health coaching certification allows Dua to better assess clients readiness to change, ambivalence to change, as well as foster positive conversations around behavior change. Ultimately Dua is a coach on the sidelines and the real player is you, the client.

She is completing her certification via the National Society of Health Coaches. To learn more, visit the website for NSHCOA.

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