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    Assalamuaalikum w rahmatullahi w barakatu!

    May Allah (swt) reward you for swinging by my site and trusting me to educate your members!

    I have shifted to providing webinars to make this knowledgeable more accessible to all. I am always creating new webinars that I believe will help the Muslim community grow closer to Allah (swt) through intertwining food and faith. If you are interested in a private webinar for your community members, please reach out to me here.

    I am more than happy to fine tune a presentation I already have or create something new that caters specifically to your needs. You can view some of my past webinars here by registering for the replay.

    One of my most popular webinars is A Mindful Muslim Eater where we learn how to embrace the example of the Prophet (s) in our eating. This is only available as private live sessions, but you can get a glimpse of it and a preview here.