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Jannah Food

Join Dua Aldasouqi in this webinar to learn more about our food and eating experience in Jannah, from the first food we eat to how food is served to the choices we have to what happens to our food after eat.

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Understanding Hormone Imbalances with PCOS & Thyroid Issues

Free Webinar

Nosheen is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who helps women with PCOS or hypothyroidism get in control of their hormonal imbalances with food and lifestyle changes.

A Muslim Dietitian Subscription

I love sharing information and helping you grow closer to Allah (swt) and your health goals but I get it! It’s Zoom/webinar OVERLOAD! COVID has us super tired of screens.

This is why I have a new and exciting service you will love. 

Muslim Dietitian Directory

I need to find Muslim dietitians ALL the time. But unfortunately we’re not all listed anywhere! No worries I have a solution! The Muslim Dietitian Directory will be launching soon!

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Past Webinars

Looking for a webinar you missed? You can find all past webinars right here!

What's Your Prophetic Food IQ?

Fun Quiz

Test your Prophetic food knowledge and find out how to grow closer to him by learning even more.

What Flavor of Hummus Are You?

Fun Quiz!

Hummus is no longer just hummus. Take this quiz to find out what flavor of hummus you are and what that means about you.

Podcast with C&P

I recorded a podcast episode with Mo & Alex and it was a blast, alhamdulilah. We talked pandemic, we talked mindful eating, we talked social determinants of health, we talked halal. We talked about it all.

Who is Dua RDN?

Dua Aldasouqi is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and been practicing since 2010. She genuinely believes that our relationship with food should not be complicated. She is a Qalam Institute Seminary Graduate & Alimiyyah Student and loves combining the traditional teachings of Islam with modern-day nutrition guidance.

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