Past Webinars

Top 3 Nutrition Tips for Muslims

I started the year strong with my Top 3 Nutrition Tips for Muslims.

Your Body Has A Right

Anissa Women’s Fitness instructor, Aida, joins us for a live workout sessions followed by a fitness Q&A!

A Muslim Dietitian: Prophetic Cook Along

We will learn about the different foods the Prophet ﷺ ate like dates, cucumbers, meat, chicken, whale, milk, cheese. As well as walk through preparing a few of them.

Meet & Greet

Get  to know Dua a bit more and learn about what’s coming up.

Is Being Vegan Halal?

Allah (swt) has made halal the consumption of animal products but the Prophet (s) ate meat sparingly – where should we stand?

Hot Topics in Nutrition: Fad Diets & Food Trends

Diet ad season is almost upon us and I know you will be bombarded with diet ads! If you’re unsure what to believe, this webinar is for you. You will be able to confidently navigate all of the nutrition noise and identify what’s legit and what’s malarkey!

How Did the Prophet (s) Eat?

Learn how the Prophet sat while eating, what he ate on, and the utensils (or lack thereof) that he used!

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Who is Dua RDN?

Dua Aldasouqi is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and been practicing since 2010. She genuinely believes that our relationship with food should not be complicated. She is a Qalam Institute Seminary Graduate & Alimiyyah Student and loves combining the traditional teachings of Islam with modern-day nutrition guidance.

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