Working with Dua has been great! She has made it a lot easier for me to navigate my dietary needs through our informative sessions and her practical advise and suggestions. Also, her recipes are easy to make, fulfilling, and delicious!


Dua is knowledgeable motivating and fun to work with! She helps you reach your fitness goals and customizes a plan appropriate to your needs.


Amazing, talented, experienced, and very personable.


One of my biggest fears about meeting with a dietitian is the fear of being judged or shamed for my food choices. Dua is friendly and open. She makes the process stress free and easy to understand. She's also understanding and professional. I really enjoy working with Dua and feel empowered to make small, sustainable changes to reach my goals.


Practical, sustainable, and motivating advice every session; couldn't have asked for a better dietitian!


Amazing up and coming Dietitian! Her new business will hopefully help many people with making more sound and healthy diet choices.

Wafa Aldasouqi

I like the simplicity in her recipes, easy to make and tastes delicious.


Excellent advice about making the most delicious salads.